Beer Bars are on the agenda this week.

We’ve talked about breweries, brewpubs and home brewing on the show, but we were excited to bring up the topic of beer bars on today’s show.

David Reed and Dave Dixon from Establishment joined us, as well as Jerry Hartley, owner of iconic Birmingham beer bar The J. Clyde.

The J. Clyde was honored by as the best beer bar in Alabama. Founded in 2007 when craft beer in the state was basically nonexistent. It boasts 60 taps, 2 casks and a growing cellar program.

Hartley talked about being a pioneer in the Alabama craft scene, and what makes a great beer bar. He also takes some audience questions, particularly why he won’t stock “Bud.”


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Establishment, founded in Buckhead in 2013, recently relocated to the Colony Square building. With 25 taps and an extensive artisan craft cocktail menu, Reed and Dixon (the two Daves) are working on creating a unique menu that they really strive to match with their drinks.


Also, we took an informal survey on Facebook, Twitter and on reddit about the best beer bars in Georgia and Alabama. These topped the list:



(Note: we did not include some places like Below the Radar or Wrecking Bar because they are technically brewpubs. They’re awesome, but we wanted to list only the bars who served craft beer that wasn’t made in-house). 

Truck and Tap‘s beers of the week:

  1. Burnt Hickory Brewery Ezekiel’s Wheel Pale Ale. This is a Beer Guys Radio favorite, a 6.5% pale ale that’s grainy, malty and hoppy. “Zeke” is out in bottles now, so go check it out.
  2. Terrapin Poivre Potion Farmhouse Saison. Aaron’s been wanting to try this one for a while. The winner of Terrapin’s third annual employee homebrew competition, it’s a 9.3% ABV saison hopped with Amarillo, Galaxy and Jarrylo. It’s also finished off with pink peppercorns. Bottled at the end of December 2015, you’ll still find it on store shelves.

BEER! @burnthickorybrewery Zeke and @terrapinbeerco Poivre Potion. #GAbeer #DrinkLocal

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Week in Review:

Aaron attended this year’s Georgia Association of Broadcasters awards. And like most of these events, the beer choices are often….well, regrettable. However, he was pleasantly surprised to see they did have SweetWater 420 available. It’s a good way to spot other broadcasters with good taste.

Also, he went to the Brass Tap beer bar in the Perimeter area, and was able to try out Creature Comforts Tritonia cucumber lime gose.

Tim attended a couple of great events. First, the Kolb’s Farm release at Burnt Hickory Brewery. Last week’s “Whale of the week,” The first Kolb’s Farm offering since 2013 was packed. Tim also was able to pick up the super-duper whale release of Burial Truce

He also attended a Braves game at Turner Field. And while the home team may be…well….terrible this year, the beer choice isn’t. Plus Holeman and Finch Burgers.

#Braves, @sweetwaterbrew, and @holemanandfinch burger. Great way to spend a Sunday in #atlanta. #GoBraves!

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We Tried This:

The folks at Fizzics sent up their craft beer system. It boasts that it will provide a “fresh, draft taste” to any can, bottle or growler. OK, we were kind of skeptical.

But after trying it out, we will say that it definitely changed the flavor and taste of the beer. The head was vastly superior, and frankly it was a pretty cool product. Listen to the show for more takes on this machine, and we’ll try and get the CEO of Fizzics on the show next week.

This Week’s Headlines:


Stogie Review‘s Brian Hewitt took us to school with the Gurkha Shaggy.

The Gurhka Shaggy. Zoinks! (courtesy: Gurkha).

Question of the week:

In honor of Father’s Day, Aaron’s son Jay had a question. He wanted to know about hops, how they are grown and how different kinds of hops carry different flavors.

(Got a question? Call us on the ALE Line at 678-861-8-ALE

Whales of the Week:

Three Taverns Sour Asylum #8 | Dry hopped lacto sour

The Bruery Share This | Imperial Coffee Stout

The Hot List:


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Next Week:

We’re talking to Jason Santamaria and Chris Doyle from Atlanta’s Second Self Beer Company. Plus, Aaron will have a report from California. We’ll see you on the socials, and don’t forget to tell a friend!