Homebrewing and Fizzics were on tap this week.

Ever  wanted to home brew, but were afraid to try?

It’s actually so easy, even Aaron is able to do it.

Award winning home brewers Nate Watkins and Jim Walker joined us in the studio. We talked about getting started in homebrewing, and how to brew that first extract batch.

If you’re interested in hearing and reading all about homebrewing, we’ve got a special podcast here, and we’ve written a Beginner’s Guide to Homebrewing to give you an equipment list as well as some tips and tricks for starting out.

In other news, Phillip Petracca, CEO of Fizzics, also joined us. We talked about the science behind his new draft beer system, and how it works. It’s actually pretty neat, and won over a skeptical Tim and Aaron. Order online here.

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What else? Homebrew! We were treated with Jim’s IPA brewed with three different yeasts. Nate brought by his English-style barleywine, and Tim showed off his margarita Gose. Aaron, of course, forgot his Maibock (insert sad trombone), and Marquis is celebrating the birth of his daughter, so he missed out.

Judging IPAs with different yeasts.

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Even though you can’t get any of the delicious home brews we sampled (thanks Georgia lawmakers!), Truck and Tap has an awesome beer list…and rotating food trucks every day. A great place to enjoy a craft beer and an awesome food truck. 


A couple big releases from Athens’ Creature Comforts Brewing Company this week:

  • Curious No. 8 – Blend of Emergence barrels with local blueberries.
  • A collaboration with Austin, Texas brewery Jester King: Mutualism, a Southern Style Farmhouse Lager


Draft Magazine’s 100 best beer bars in America. We already knew about 3 of them – Brick Store Pub, The Porter Beer Bar and The J.Clyde.

Who’s to thank for this craft beer boom? Georgia’s own Jimmy Carter, of course (Source: East Valley Tribune)

Three Taverns entering the can game (Source: Beer St. Journal)

Creature Comforts Curious No. 8 coming this weekend (Source: Beer St. Journal)

New Holland coming to Alabama (Source: The Full Pint)

Why Craft Brew Alliance popped 22% in June (Source: Motley Fool)

Overhyped story alert: Entrepreneur seeks to disrupt a $300 billion dollar industry (Source: CNBC)

15 Best Craft Beer Cities. Spoiler alert: None are in the south. (Source: Redfin)


Coming up next week, we’ve got Birmingham’s Cahaba Brewing in the house (or on the phone). Also, the mighty Ale Sharpton joins us to talk Georgia craft beer!

Have a great week. Don’t forget to drink local, and join us on the socials.

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