Variant Midmorning Stout Release

Variant Brewing hosts pairing event for their debut bottle release

Variant Brewing Co. recently had their first bottle release, Midmorning, an Imperial Breakfast Stout coming in at 10% ABV. Midmorning boasts flavors of cinnamon, coffee, and maple. Rather than focus exclusively on the beer, Variant Co-Owners Matt and Lauren Curling decided to partner with Table & Main’s Chef Woolery for a chicken and waffles pairing. This release was limited to 50 tickets per session and the first session quickly sold out.

Having the event focus on a beer and food pairing instead of a straight bottle release created a relaxed and intimate environment, which is exactly what the Curlings intended. It was easy to forget we were there for a bottle release and not just a Sunday brunch. There were several families in the taproom along with regulars from the Atlanta craft beer scene. Both Matt and Lauren were mingling with guests throughout the taproom. It was a great way to spend the afternoon sampling beers.

Variant Brewing Co.
Owners Matt and Lauren Curling chose a pairing event for their first bottle release.  Visitors enjoyed chicken and waffles alongside pours of Midmorning Stout.

At first taste, Midmorning is heavy on the coffee, but as the beer warms up, the maple and cinnamon flavors emerge. This paired very nicely with the chicken and waffles and I actually dipped my waffle in the beer at one point. I was impressed by the portion of food that came with the ticket. The chicken was juicy and crispy and the waffles were fluffy and moist.

Variant had more than a dozen other beers on tap, and I got to sample a few of them. Cashmere, So Soft & So Smooth IPA lived up to its name. Incredibly drinkable without the hop bomb up front, it could be a gateway beer for the IPA beginner. The Raspberry Lemon Gose was another standout, with a beautiful pink color and a heavy nose of raspberries.

Overall I was impressed with Variant’s execution of their first release. Pairing the beer with brunch food was a unique twist on the usual ticketed event, and created a relaxed atmosphere. Tickets were a good value as well, considering you received a pour of Midmorning, 750ml bottle of Midmorning to go, a full meal of chicken and waffles from T&M, and a Variant Brewing Company snifter glass. If they stick to the same formula for future bottle releases, we’ll be there to enjoy it.

Variant Midmorning Stout
Variant’s Midmorning is A 10% ABV Imperial Breakfast Stout with coffee, maple, and cinnamon. (Photo: Variant Brewing Co.)