Them Country Boyz from Nappy Roots talk collaboration, creativity, and independence

There are a lot of similarities between the craft beer world and making music.  Creativity, self-expression, and the fight to stay (or become) independent.  Atlanta/ Kentucky rap legends Nappy Roots and Monday Night Brewing had an immediate connection over these common themes.  Their first collaboration, Front Porch Pale Ale, was brewed and served up for their album release party at Monday Night for Another 40 Akerz.  The collab was a success and Nappy Roots recently returned to brew their second beer, The Humdinger.  Keep an eye out for this bourbon barrel-aged stout in 3-4 months, or whenever the beer says it’s ready.

Catch Nappy Roots live at Monday Night’s Garage Grand Opening

Monday Night’s The Garage Grand Opening and 6th Anniversary party is set for a two-day event Sept. 23-24, 2017 with Nappy Roots live Saturday night.  Expect some new beers and old favorites from Monday Night as they break in the new Lee+White development, which will also be the future home of Wild Heaven and Banyan Roots Brewing.

Another 40 Akerz

I have fond memories of cruising around in my Thunderbird with my 12″ Fosgate Punch subwoofers bumping Awnaw.   With the exception of a few tracks the sound on Another 40 Akerz is a bit more mellow, but with more serious subjects.  Skinny Deville, Fish Scales, and 808 Blake each shared that the new sound and subjects reflect where they are in their lives now.  Give it a listen and you’re sure to have a Good Day.