Torched Hop Brewpub Atlanta
Torched hop co-owner Chris Bivins (left) is literally being held up by brewer Daniel Bluestein.

Torched Hop is “Killing the IPA Game” in Atlanta.

At least, according to their fans. With that in mind, we brought in one of the brewpub’s co-Founder Chris Bivins and brewer Daniel Bluestein into the studios this week.

They delivered, bringing samples of their IPA (amongst other selections). We talked about the brewpub business, and how the newly-signed SB85 could affect their plans. Plus, we discussed the latest shenanigans involving AB Inbev regarding the supply of South African hops.

Truck and Tap‘s Beers of the Week:

Of course, we tried several Torched Hop Brews, including their Ponce de Leon IPA, Holy Citrimony 2.0 (Citra IPA),  dry Irish stout and their brand new raspberry Berliner Weiss.

Plus, Shawn O’Keefe from Pontoon Brewing stopped by with a delivery of their Galaxy Drifter IPA.

And to continue the beer parade, Tom Fennell from Fannin Brewing Company dropped off samples from their new cans, Chief Whitepath’s White IPA and Blue Ridge Helles Lager.

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