Creature Comforts Traingulation Label

Triangulation is the first beer from The Curious series to get unique name and larger production

Fans of Creature Comforts The Curious series of beers will have a new beer to enjoy soon with the release of Triangulation.  An adaptation and refinement of The Curious No. 3, Triangulation is a mixed fermentation ale fermented in third use bourbon barrels with blackberries.  The beer also underwent a secondary fermentation with blackberries to complement the flavor

“Triangulation is a beer that only exists because of what we learned crafting The Curious No.3, and is the first of our second wave of barrel beers that are starting to come to maturity,” said Blake Tyers, the Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager at Creature Comforts. “The Curious Series beers are experiments for us and just as scientists would use experiments to learn, we’ve adapted and experimented again.”

Creature Comforts says, “The beer is soft, balanced and clean and has a bright acidity in addition to flavors of almond, biscotti, tart cherry and blackberry. The various bright flavors lay on top of a nutty, oak base that brings structure to the flavor while also balancing out the beer’s acidity.”

Local artist and Creature Comforts tour staff member Melissa Merrill created the artwork for the label. Merrill derived the watercolor medium for the original artwork from blackberries.

The beer’s name was inspired by a portion of the Creature Comforts manifesto that states “craving curiosity leads you to discovering your passion”. Triangulation also incorporates the number three, an allusion to its roots in The Curious Series. It marries both themes – discovery and the number three – as triangulation is the historical method used to trace the distance between known points by using the points as vertices of a triangle or set of triangles. In addition, this beer has three primary aspects that lend to its flavor and aroma: the beer, barrels and blackberries.

Photos courtesy Creature Comforts Brewing Co.

Creature Comforts Traingulation

Creature Comforts Triangulation

Style: Mixed fermentation Ale with blackberries
ABV: 8.6%
Format: 500 ml bottles
Release: April 21st at Creature Comforts brewery
Availability: Brewery only

Additional info:

  • This is not a ticketed event
  • First availability is at the Friday 04/21 tour from 5-10 PM
  • If there are remaining bottles they can be added as a to-go souvenir to your Anniversary Tour on Saturday and Sunday
  • $15 for to go tour with one bottles, max of two per person for $30