Arches Brewing set to open in Hapeville on April 16th

Arches Brewing
Arches Co-Founder Ryan Fogelgren has a beer waiting for you. (Photo: Stephen Averett)

Arches Brewing was founded by 5 men with a scientific background and a passion for homebrewing, and it shows in their creations. Focusing on a rotating selection list – all but one of their beers will be seasonal – they have worked to make sure their base beers are clean and easy to drink. I was particularly impressed with their Dunkel.

Brewmaster Jamey Adams has been a long-time homebrewer. Arches prides itself on using more traditional European brewing styles. “For centuries, brewers have created various styles of beer based on the availability of local ingredients and at the mercy of seasonal temperatures,” Adams said. “We model many of our processes after the same European brewing practices, many of which have been eliminated over the years with modern technology and an endless supply of specialty grains.”  Arches is also one of the few local breweries featuring lagers, which naturally take longer to create.

“We are intentionally starting small and plan to grow organically in order to maintain high levels of control,” said Adams. “A major part of that control enables us to slow down our processes and allow the beer to mature properly. While the majority of our lagers require months of conditioning, our Belgians will mature for up to two years before they are released. When beer gets rushed, the imperfections overwhelm its flavor profile, which is not the direction we intend to take.”

Starting from an old building that used to be 1) an auto parts store and 2) a ball-bearing manufacturer, the owners put more than nine months of sweat equity into creating a tasting room that, well, feels like a tasting room. The wood comes from an old cotton mill from Alabama and is over 100 years old. It’s got a nice, wide open space with plenty of room to put your beer down and a large beer garden behind the brewery is under construction, with plenty of picnic tables for seating.  They’ll also have music and cornhole available to keep everyone entertained.  Since the brewery is located in Hapeville’s Arts District, it has the work of local artists on display and for sale.  Co-founder Ryan Fogelgren says they, “Wanted to create the feeling of a Bavarian beer hall.”  The team at Arches realizes many of their local patrons may not be that familiar with craft beer, and that’s OK with them, they believe their environment and their beer offerings will be welcoming to anyone and also serve to introduce the local community to the world of craft beer.

Expect to see beers such as an American Lager, Pale Ale, Munich Dunkel, Hefeweizen, Belgian Blonde, and a Russian Imperial Stout rotating at the taproom.  Arches will also present variations of many of their beers brewed with different hops or yeast, or aged on different kinds of wood.

Arches Brewing
(L-R) Jamey, Jeff, and Ryan are ready to serve their beer to the Hapeville community. (Photo: Stephen Averett)
Arches Brewing
The Arches logo watches over the tasting room, a reminder of their homebrewing roots. (Photo: Stephen Averett)
Arches Brewing
The tasting room at Arches Brewing features 150 year-old reclaimed wood and art from local artists. (Photo: Stephen Averett)

Arches Brewing

3361 Dogwood Drive
Hapeville, GA  30354
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Untappd

Tasting Room Hours
Thursday | 4:30 – 7:30 PM
Saturday | 3:00 – 6:00 PM

Buy tickets for the grand opening on April 16th here.

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