Systema Naturae is a line of sours from North Carolina’s D9 Brewing. Modern Hops supplies Georgia with this beer. (Courtesy Modern Hops)

Phillip Barnes and Eric Levin were beer traders at first.

One day, they realized that the distribution system in Georgia was broken, and worked to find a better way to do it. 

That idea is now Modern Hops. We talk to Philip, Eric and Michael Lowenberg about the craft beer scene in Georgia, what they are doing to change it, and what’s been different since SB85.

We also get a chance to talk to Jekyll Brewing’s Josh Rachel about Southern Juicy Juice, and Field Hoperative Brian Hewitt reviews a revival of an old school cigar.

Truck and Tap’s Beers of the Week:

  • Not only did Modern hops bring a metric ton of beer from Dry County, Cherry Street, D9 and Blue Pants, we also had some….
  • Allagash Little Sal
  • Allagash Farm To Face
  • Rising Tide Nikita
  • Boothbay Brewing Thirsty Botanist
  • Jekyll Southern Juicy Juice


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