SweetWater Woodlands Circle
The Woodlands Circle will showcase small batch barrel-aged and wild ales.

Since opening in late 2016 SweetWater’s Woodlands barrel-aging and wild ale facility has continued to impress with their offerings.  Their debut Through the Brambles was bursting with funk and fruit after conditioning with Brettanomyces and blackberries and their most recent release of Cherry The Pit & the Pendulum offered lighter funk but a pronounced cherry tartness in a new 375ml bottle.  Visitors to the Woodlands facility can also enjoy several brewery-only releases such as Rainy Day Acid Trip with a variety of hop combinations, or the very geuze-like Cambium.

SweetWater doesn’t plan to rush things, and beers will be released when the brewers think they are ready.  With continued growth in the volume of beer in barrels, puncheons, and foeders we’re likely to see more coming out of the Woodlands, some in very small batches… and that brings us to The Woodlands Circle.

SweetWater The Woodlands
I bet I could only drink one, maybe two, of these barrels of beer.

The Woodlands Circle Beer Club

This new members-only club is meant to feature unique beers that aren’t easily scalable due to process or ingredients.  Members will get 6 bottles throughout the year as they are ready to release, as well as some spending money at The Woodlands bar and invitation to other exclusive releases.

Full details:

  • Members will receive 6 unique bottles of beer throughout the year, exclusively available to Woodlands Circle members
  • The Woodlands Circle will showcase unique processes and ingredients that aren’t scalable or easily recreated and so can only be created in short runs
  • Styles include all manner of wild and barrel-aged ales
  • First release will be in December, but “applications” open this week
  • Membership is limited to 500 people
  • Price is $149 plus tax, which includes the 6 bottles, a $25 bar tab at The Woodlands, exclusive bottle release invites, etc.
  • Register here: http://sweetwaterbrew.com/woodlandscircle-registration/