Moody Tongue beer
Jared Rouben, Brewmaster/Owner of Moody Tongue, has a culinary background. It shows in his beers, including a Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter and a Shaved Truffle Pilsner. (Photos courtesy Moody Tongue)

At Moody Tongue‘s Chicago taproom, you have two food choices:

Oysters, or German Chocolate Cake.

As strange as that may sound, brewmaster and owner Jared Rouben says those are the perfect pairings of his company’s beers.

After starting his career in fine dining, Rouben joined Goose Island where he was able to fine tune his craft beers.

Now, he works with fine ingredients (truffle beer, anyone?) to create his drinkable, flavorful beers that are designed to pair specifically with food.

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