North Alabama Beer Book
Sarah Belanger and Kamara Davis joined us this week to talk about their new book: “North Alabama Beer: An Intoxicating History”

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane….

Sarah Bélanger and Kamara Davis, authors of the brand new book “North Alabama Beer: An Intoxicating History” joined us this episode.

The early residents of North Alabama had a love-hate relationship with alcohol over the years. We talked about:

  • The brothers who opened the first brewery in Alabama who had a “Badlun” of bad luck
  • The city of Cullman, founded by German immigrants, became famous for its alcohol-free Ocktoberfest
  • The time noted abolitionist Carrie Nation visited Huntsville
  • Why water fountains were a key part of the abolitionist movement
  • The Free the Hops movement playing a key role in shifting the Alabama laws.
  • “What’s wrong with the beer we got?”

If you want to get your hands on the book, be sure to head to Straight to Ale on Monday, 8/28 for the official launch!

Truck and Tap‘s Beers of the week:

Sarah brought a bevy of Alabama beers to the studio, and we were able to try….

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Coming up next week? We will be celebrating the historic day of September 1 when breweries will be able to directly sell to consumers. Nancy Palmer of the Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild and “Craft Beer Lawyer” Taylor Harper will join us…and maybe some more!