Shelton Brothers Festival

Dan Shelton talks The Festival, previous problems in Georgia, and the accuracy of a Beer Advocate story

In advance of the Shelton Bros. The Festival debut in Atlanta, we talked with Dan Shelton of Shelton Brothers Importers.

Dan Shelton is a very passionate beer lover and the story of how he and his brothers came to start a beer importer is an interesting (if not insane) one.  Beer Advocate recently shared a version of that story, however Dan asserts much of it misses the mark a bit or is simply wrong.

We caught up with Dan on vacation at a family barbecue and what started with the intentions of being a quick 20 minute interview had us chatting for over an hour.  We talked about The Festival, their return to Georgia and the reasons behind their departure four years ago, and Dan shared his thoughts on a recent article on Beer Advocate about Shelton Bros., which he says missed the mark a bit in some areas, and a lot in others.

As of this writing tickets are available for the regular sessions, get yours and more info here.

If you’re attending the event come by and see us at the Beer Guys booth.  We’ll be talking with brewers and giving out some swag.

Visiting from out of town?  Check out our Visitors Guide to Atlanta Beer.

Shelton Brothers Shelton Frst
The 2017 Shelton Fest is coming to Atlanta – August 18-19!