Foreigner Bruce Watson beer
Foreigner guitarist Bruce Watson and band mate Michael Bluestein are craft beer enthusiasts and host VIB Meet & Greet beer tastings to sample the local offerings while on tour. (Courtesy: Foreigner)

Rock and Roll and Local Craft Beer

Bruce Watson still loves to have a pint of Guinness waiting for him when he comes off stage, but over the last several years he’s delved into the world of craft beer with fellow band member Michael Bluestein.  Bruce and Michael both obtained their Cicerone Certified Beer Server credentials to get more into the craft.  The pair also hosts “VIB” meet and greet beer tastings while on tour to meet fellow craft beer lovers and sample the local offerings.  Bruce took a bit of time out of his busy touring schedule to chat with Tim and Brian about craft beer, and listen to a slew of Foreigner inspired beer puns.

Catch Foreigner in Atlanta on Saturday, July 29th or at any of their other tour dates through 2017 and 2018.

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Foreigner is currently on their 40th Anniversary Tour, catch them in Atlanta or across the country throughout the year. (Courtesy: Foreigner)