Magnolia Brewing
Over the past 20 years, Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery have become a stalwart of San Francisco’s famous Haight Street. (Courtesy Magnolia Brewing)

 Dave McLean is one of the originals in San Francisco’s craft beer scene.

After following the Grateful Dead from Boston to the Bay Area, Dave started getting more into the scene. After drinking beers from great breweries like Anchor and Sierra Nevada, Dave got into the game himself. Eventually, he became one of the founders of the San Francisco Brewer’s Guild and San Francisco Beer Week.

Inspired by Alice Waters and the farm to table movement, Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery became one of the first brewpubs to really take food seriously.

Most recently, McLean opened Smokestack, a “San Francisco” barbecue brewpub in the Dogpatch district. And they are also just starting to can their beers.

We sampled two of their classics – the Kalifornia Kolsch and Proving Ground IPA.

Plus, we talked about the art of craft beer, and the rise of locally-sourced malt.