Summertime is a good time for farmhouse ales / saisons.

With that in mind, Red Brick – Atlanta’s oldest brewery – have come out with their version – Zest In Show. We talk to president and brewmaster Garrett Lockhart about it.

How was the recipe developed?

Citrus Farmhouse is a straight saison with tangerine and lemon peel in the mash. We started with a concept of wanting to brew a saison for the summer time, and started working through recipes. We wanted to add our own twist with the citrus forward component. Numerous test batches helped us evaluate the yeast strain and quantity of citrus peel to dial in the recipe.

Let’s talk Farmhouse Ales. These, and other non-traditional beers like Berliners and Goses have seemed to become quite popular – especially this time of the year. Is this something you’ve seen as well?

This farmhouse is not a sour but we have seen a lot of popularity in citrus forward beers so we think this will be a great summer brew. To follow the sour trend we have a Berliner coming out this summer as well. It will have flavors of Boysenberry and should be a great addition to our draft only releases.

For those that aren’t familiar, what’s a Farmhouse ale, and what would it compare to?

Saisons technically fall under the farmhouse category. We put a varied ingredient of citrus peel in the mash making this a farmhouse in our opinion.

“Zest in Show” is a clever take for the name – who came up with it and how?

One of our creative production engineers, Geritt Hamilton, came up with the name after a very long brainstorming process.

Citrus and farmhouse ales go together very well. But how did you come up with the lemon and tangerine pairing?

We wanted bright citrusy characteristics to go along with a summertime beer, and we felt that tangerine and lemon are the perfect combination to brighten up this beer.

When will see start seeing this on shelves, and where can we get it?

It is currently on shelves, and is one of our seasonals so should be available where any of our beers are sold.

You just hired Gavin McKenna (formerly from Wrecking Bar brewpub). What are some of the opportunities you see with that hire?

His role will be quality control, production efficiencies and overall brewing operations. Gavin’s depth of brewing knowledge will be a great asset to our team.

What can we expect coming up next for Red Brick?

Coming up this summer we will have a draft only release – a Boysenberry Berliner. Following with that we are going to release our popular Brick Mason series in 16oz cans. Vanilla Gorilla Imperial Porter in September, followed by Hype Whale Imperial Stout in November. Then next year we will have Barrel Aged Vanilla Gorilla available in the same 16oz cans.