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It wasn’t that long ago that Orpheus Brewing’s founder and brewmaster Jason Pellett was sharing pictures on Reddit’s Homebrewing forum of his first all-grain brew (a sour plum saison) or his excitement when he ordered equipment for his new brewery.  At the time he was a professional trumpet player with a dream to start his own brewery one day.

Jason went backwards in his quest to open Orpheus, he had the beers and a name but no real business plan.  He was (and is) a frequent visitor to Atlanta’s Porter Beer Bar and would share his beers with the owners and other friends he met there.  One of the owners there introduced him to someone who wanted to invest in a brewery.  After trying four of his beers and having a meeting and a couple of phone calls the deal was in the works.  Jason said it was time to get a business plan together and see if the investor was still interested.  Obviously he was.

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 will mark the third anniversary of Orpheus Brewing and they’ll throw a 3-day party to celebrate.  Orpheus Brewing: Year Three kicks off on Saturday,May 27th, and will run through Monday, May 29th.  They’ll feature an extensive lineup of new and barrel-aged beers, along with brewery tours, food trucks, and the always beautiful views overlooking Piedmont Park.

The three-day affair is spread over four sessions, and guests may choose to attend any of the four sessions offered (outlined below). Each session includes nine pours, a commemorative anniversary glass, and brewery tours. The cost is $24 per person, and tickets may be purchased at the brewery upon arrival. At each session, there will also be a limited number of bottles available of Orpheus’ featured beer for the celebration, Like a White Curtain Blowing in the Draft From a Half-Opened Window Beside a Chair on Which Nobody Sits. This wild ale that aged for a year in wine barrels is bright, tart, and full of lemon and stone fruit character. Bottles will be available first come-first serve for an additional $16.

“This is an industry that allows for and encourages constant evolution, and we embrace that,” says Jason. “We’ve been filling barrels since the very beginning, and have taken a very patient approach to them, letting time do its work. This year we’re celebrating the transformation that takes place in the wood, and the patience, change, and beauty it represents.”

Congratulations to Jason and Orpheus for making the dream a reality.

Photos: Courtesy Orpheus Brewing

Orpheus Brewing Jason Pellett
Orpheus Brewmaster Jason Pellett stares menacingly and a fly that landed in his glass of delicious beer.

Orpheus Brewing: Year Three

May 27-29, 2017
Orpheus Brewing
Atlanta, GA

Anniversary Sessions

5/27 – Session 1 from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.
5/27 – Session 2 from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
5/28 – from 12:30 – 5:00 p.m.
5/29 – from 12:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Anniversary Tap List


  • Again and Again – Pineapple Sour, 4%
  • Hop Experiment #3 – IPA featuring Denali and Huell Melon, 7%
  • Truth.Body.Soul. – Double IPA with 60% more hops than Transmigration of Souls. Each release is made with a new blend of hops and this one features Denali and Mosaic, 8%


  • Like a White Curtain Blowing in the Draft From a Half-Opened Window Beside a Chair on Which Nobody Sits – Wild Ale aged a year in wine barrels, 6.85%
  • Even the Furies Wept, Blend #3 – Wild Ale aged 12-32 months in Sauternes casks and wine barrels, 7%
  • The 12th Labor – Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels for 16 months, 13.5%
  • Abandon All Hope – Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout aged on vanilla beans, 13.9%
  • Ye Who Enter Here – Bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout aged on coffee, chiles, and vanilla beans, 13.9%
  • Sykophantes d’Or – Golden Fig Sour aged in Bourbon barrels with apricots and currants, 9.5%
  • The Raving Ones – Native yeast Tripel aged in Bourbon barrels, 10%
  • The Sirens – Spontaneously fermented wild ale with green strawberries and aged in wine barrels, 5%
  • Noise and Flesh – Wild Ale aged in wine barrels


  • Transmigration of Souls (Double IPA), 10%
  • Serpent Bite (Dry-hopped sour), 6%
  • Atalanta (Tart plum saison), 5.25%
  • Lyric Ale (Saison), 6.5%