New Realm Brewing Co.

Announced in September 2016, former Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele’s Atlanta brewpub now has a name – New Realm Brewing Co.  The brewpub will be on Atlanta’s Beltline at 820 Ralph McGill Avenue and feature a rooftop bar and beer garden

We sat down with Mitch and his partners Carey Falcone and Bob Powers at the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting to chat about their brewpub.  You can listen to what they had to say on Beer Guys Radio Ep. 57.

New Realm Brewing Co. said their social media accounts will be active very soon.  Following their progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

New Realm Brewing Co.
(L-R) Partners Mitch Steele, Carey Falcone, and Bob Powers at the site of their new brewpub on Atlanta’s Beltline. (Photo: New Realm Brewing Co.)

Some more information on the new brewpub via press release:

Mitch  Steele’s  Atlanta  Brewery  Project  to  be  Named  New  Realm

ATLANTA  –  MARCH  16,  2017  –  Combining  a  collective  passion  for  craft  beer,   partners  Mitch  Steele,  Carey  Falcone  and  Bob  Powers  will  bring  a  “New  Realm”  to   Atlanta’s  brewing  community  later  this  year.    The  trio  announced  their  new  venture  in   the  Atlanta  Beltline  area  in  the  fall  of  last  year  and  has  spent  many  hours  coming  up   with  the  appropriate  name  to  suit  it.

“We  could  not  be  more  thrilled  to  announce  our  name,  New  Realm,”  said  Carey   Falcone  Co-­‐Founder  and  CEO.  “It  has  taken  us  quite  a  bit  of  time  (over  many  beers,  of   course)  to  create  our  vision  and  land  on  the  right  name  for  our  future  brewery  and   restaurant.  New  Realm  speaks  to  our  desire  to  create  a  new  realm  in  brewing  and  dining   experiences,  and  to  support  an  outstanding  and  dynamic  local  craft  beer  community.”

At  the  core  of  New  Realm  Brewing  is  Co-­‐Founder,  Brewmaster  and  COO,  Mitch   Steele  formerly  Brewmaster  for  10  years  at  Stone  Brewing.    Steele,  referred  by  many  as   an authority  on  brewing  IPA’s,  has  decades  of  experience  developing  and  brewing   innovative  and  delicious  beers.    Steele  authored  a  book  in  2012  titled,  “IPA:  Brewing   Techniques,  Recipes  and  the  Evolution  of  India  Pale  Ale.”  Currently  Steele  is  busy developing  recipes  and  has  shared  that  craft  fans  can  “count  on  IPAs  being  poured  at   New  Realm  as  well  as  barrel-­‐aged  beers  and  traditional  lagers”.

New  Realm  Brewing  will  break  ground  soon  in  preparation  to  open  the  20,000   square  foot  space  located  at  820  Ralph  McGill  Avenue  in  the  growing  Beltline  area.   “Plans  are  underway  to  bring  Atlanta  and  its  visitors  a  distinctive  venue  to  enjoy  craft   beer  and  great  artisanal  foods  in  an  inviting,  unique  and  fun  atmosphere,”  said  Bob   Powers  Co-­‐Founder  and  CCO.  “In  addition  to  our  production  brewery,  we  will  have  a   restaurant,  as  well  as  both  a  rooftop  bar  and  an  outdoor  beer  garden  at  New  Realm  and   we  look  forward  to  unveiling  design  plans  in  the  near  future.”