Inside Ironmonger and Naughty Soda (Courtesy of Ironmonger Brewing)
Inside Ironmonger and Naughty Soda (Courtesy of Ironmonger Brewing)

We said hello to both a new…and an old friend from Ironmonger this week!

Marietta’s Ironmonger Brewing joined us in the studios today. Specifically, owner David Sheets. A newcomer to the show, we were excited to talk about Ironmonger. Originally a side project of Naughty Soda, Sheets was able to spin off Ironmonger to its own brand. And even though they share a facility with Naughty Soda, they are separate. Our old friend Barron Sluder recently came aboard as head brewer. And even though he hasn’t been able to finish his brews yet, the Ironmonger crew brought plenty of liquid.

Truck and Tap‘s Beers of the Week:

  • We “pregamed” with Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso Berliner Weiss with tart cherry, raspberry and cranberry.
  • Ironmonger brought too many beers to remember (which we are definitely not complaining about!), but they included:
    • The Quench Pilsner
    • Torch the Village IPA
    • Forged Porter
    • Barrel Aged Belgian
    • Campfire Rye…and more!

Headlines (Brought to you by Your Pie Perimeter):

Coming up next week? With the warm weather approaching, we’re looking towards springtime and the Gulf coast. Big Beach Brewing from Gulf Shores, Alabama, joins us! Cheers, and don’t forget to DRINK LOCAL.

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