Governor Deal: Don't make the same mistake you made with the Green Bay bet. We're here to help. (photo courtesy Georgia Governor's Office)
Governor Deal: Don’t make the same mistake you made with the Green Bay bet. We’re here to help. (photo courtesy Georgia Governor’s Office)

An open letter to Governor Nathan Deal:

Last week, you bet the governor of Wisconsin a couple of sixers of Creature Comforts Tropicalia (great choice), a Coke, a Varsity dog and some other things. In return, Governor Walker promised cheese (natch), chocolates, honey, and…..Leinenkugel’s?

We hate to say it, but those cheeseheads hosed you. No New Glarus. No Central Waters. Not even a Tyranena. Nope.

Look, nothing against Leinie’s. But the governor was holding out on you. After all, you offered up one of your state’s best breweries, a beer that’s sought after all over the country….for something you can get at WalMart. And after Matt Ryan and company dropped a 40-burger on the Pack? That deserves more.

Please don’t make that mistake with the upcoming big game. As loyal Georgians, we’re here to offer up our help.

We get it. Every time there’s a big championship sporting event, you and your fellow governors have to make one of those wacky “bets” where you get to showcase the best products from your state. And your choices are great.┬áBut we don’t want to get the short end of the stick when the Falcons hoist the Lombardi trophy in a couple of weeks.

There’s precedent. In 2015, after all, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker wagered just some lousy cupcakes and clam chowder (To be fair, the lieutenant governor did offer a case from Wormtown Brewery). But unlike the Seahawks of that year, the Falcons are poised to take home the Super Bowl victory this time around, so it’s important that you, Governor Deal, get the best (ahem) deal possible.

So, here are some suggestions.

  • Say no to Sam’s. Again, nothing against Sam Adams. My first craft beer was a Sam’s. My grandfather still drinks one a day. But you shouldn’t even think of accepting something that Mrs. Deal can grab on her trip to the Disco Kroger. EXCEPTION: If they offer up Utopias, eagerly accept. Then give us a call.
  • Yes to TreeHouse Brewing. Julius, King Julius, Green…whatever they have, get it. It’s only an extra added bonus to imagine the governor’s staff trudging halfway to Springfield in 20 degree weather on a Saturday morning, only to wait in a huge line for a couple of hours just for the privilege of buying you some beer. One can imagine the frozen tears on the replica Tom Brady jerseys in that line.
  • If you’re not that cruel, give them a task a little closer to home. Trillium Brewing is just down the street from the State House in Boston, and their beers are on point as well. They’ll still have to wait in a huge line, but hey, it gives them some time to weep over the recurring nightmare that is Julio Jones.

Governor, we may differ on some things (self-distribution, for example), but this is football. We hope you will take our advice and take full advantage of the opportunity to grab some great beer from the northeast, while the Falcons hoist the trophy.

See you at the parade. We’ll bring the glassware.


Aaron Williams and Tim Dennis, Beer Guys Radio.