Creature Comforts New Brewery & Founders 800px
Creature Comforts’ five original employees. From left to right: Adam Beauchamp (Co-founder & Brewmaster), Katie Beauchamp (Tasting Room General Manager & Community Outreach), Chris Herron (Co-founder & CEO), Blake Tyers (Wood Cellar & Specialty Brand Manager), and David Stein (Co-founder & Head Brewer). (Credit: Creature Comforts)

Word hit last night from Creature Comforts Brewing Co. that they will expand in their home market of Athens, GA with a 2nd brewery location.  The news spread like wildfire and created quite a buzz in the beer community.

With an investment of $8+ Million Creature Comforts will transform part of the historic Southern Mill complex, originally built in 1900, into a 36,000 square foot brewing facility.  The new brewery will feature two 85-barrel four vessel brewhouses, however only one will be installed initially.  Annual fermentation capacity will be 50,000 barrels, with room for expansion in the future.  The additional location will bring their total annual capacity to 78,000 barrels making them Georgia’s second largest brewery behind SweetWater, although Terrapin Beer Co. is expanding as well and could surpass that.

“Community is one of the six pillars that we founded the brewery on, and Athens is our community,” said CEO and Co-Founder Chris Herron. “We started this process of finding a new home with the intent of staying in Athens. With the help of the city and a bit of luck and vision, we are going to be able to make that dream a reality. The chance to bring back to life such a historic building in a part of Athens that is prime for revitalization is a remarkable opportunity, and something we are very excited about as a brewery family.”

Creature Comforts Southern Mill Brewery
The Creature Comforts team surveys their new location at the historic Southern Mill Complex in Athens, GA. (Credit: Creature Comforts)

The new brewery will also feature a $250,000, state of the art laboratory facility and create 25 full-time jobs in the community over the next 5 years.  The current downtown location will remain open and there are plans for additional investment in that location once the new brewery is operational.

“Our mission statement at Creature Comforts is to build an industry respected craft beer company that inspires people to pursue their passion,” said Herron.  “We want to ensure that we represent our industry well.  We also hope that our journey of being curious and uncovering our passion, following that passion and coming to find happiness is something that will inspire others to do the same.”

Creature Comforts New Brewery – Highlights

  • 36,000 square foot location in the historic Southern Mill complex in Athens, GA
  • $8+ Million investment
  • Two (2) 85-barrel brewhouses, with one installed initially
  • 24-head rotary filler for canning
  • 50,000 barrels of fermentation capacity, with room for expansion
  • $250,000 state of the art on-site laboratory
  • Groundbreaking May 2017, plans to be operational by October 2017
  • Will create 25 full-time jobs for the community over the next 5 years
Creature Comforts Growth Infographic
Creature Comforts Growth Infographic (Credit: Creature Comforts)