Best Georgia Beer 2016

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2016 was not without its challenges for Georgia’s craft brewers, but a lot of great things happened in Georgia beer as well.  We had several new breweries and beer bars open up, and there’s a lot of great beer being brewed here today.  Over the last couple of weeks we ran a survey asking for your input on the Best of Georgia Beer for 2016.  With nearly 1,000 responses the results are in, and we’re excited to share them with you.

An unfortunate side note… We required a Google login on our survey in an effort to combat people voting multiple times.  Unfortunately, some folks are just determined to get around these things and there was an obvious attempt at vote manipulation as evidenced by a consistent, unusual spelling of a certain phrase.  Where we were almost certain votes were manipulated we threw those votes out and reported results without that data.  This only affected one category.


Best IPA in Georgia
Two of your favorites this year are from Three Taverns.  A Night on Ponce IPA and Rapturous Raspberry Sour both won the #1 spot in their categories. (Photo: Courtesy Three Taverns Craft Beers)

Best Georgia IPA of 2016

  1. Three Taverns A Night on Ponce
  2. Scofflaw Basement
  3. Creature Comforts Crescendo
  4. Monday Night Slap Fight
  5. Jekyll Southern Juice

Best Georgia Wild / Sour Ale of 2016

  1. Three Taverns Rapturous
  2. Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso (Tart Cherry, Raspberry, & Cranberry)
  3. Orpheus Brewing Atalanta Reserva
  4. Creature Comforts The Curious #8
  5. Monday Night Fu Manbrew Gose

The I Don’t Like Sour Beers award goes to “Eww”, which received one vote.

Creature Comforts Existence
Creature Comforts Existence took top spot for Best Georgia Stout in 2016 (Photo: Courtesy Creature Comforts)

Best Georgia Stout / Imperial Stout of 2016

  1. Creature Comforts Existence
  2. Monday Night Georgian Imperial Stout
  3. Southern Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout
  4. Orpheus Brewing Abandon All Hope
  5. Red Brick Hype Whale

The I Haven’t Heard of That One award goes to “Balls Deep”, which received one vote as Georgia’s best stout.

Best Georgia Brewery or Brewpub opened in 2016

  1. Scofflaw Brewing
  2. Arches Brewing
  3. Torched Hop Brewpub
  4. Abbey of the Holy Goats
  5. Dry County Brewing Co.
Best Georgia Beer Fest
Strong Beer Fest was voted Best Beer Fest of 2016 by Beer Guys Radio listeners.  (L-R) Representatives from Wrecking Bar, SweetWater, Three Taverns, and Creature Comforts proudly display their medals from the festival. (Photo: Courtesy Wrecking Bar Brewpub)

Best Georgia Beer Fest

  1. Wrecking Bar Strong Beer Fest
  2. SweetWater 420Fest
  3. Classic City Brew Fest
  4. Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting
  5. Suwanee Beer Fest

The I Don’t Like Your Stupid Beer Fests award goes to “They All Kinda Suck”, which received one vote.

Best Georgia Brewery

  1. Creature Comforts
  2. Three Taverns
  3. Arches Brewing
  4. Orpheus Brewing
  5. Monday Night Brewing

The That Man IS a Brewery! award goes to Travis Herman, who received one vote as Georgia’s best brewery.

Best Georgia Brewpub - Wrecking Bar
Wrecking Bar Brewpub took the top spot in our survey for Best Georgia Brewpub.  With an awesome atmosphere, amazing food, and delicious beer it’s no surprise. (Photo: Courtesy Wrecking Bar Brewpub)

Best Georgia Brewpub

  1. Wrecking Bar
  2. Torched Hop
  3. Cherry Street Brewing Cooperative
  4. Twain’s Brewpub & Billiards
  5. 5 Seasons (No location specified)

The That’s Not a Brewpub award goes to several of Georgia’s beer bars which received many, many votes in this category.

Best Georgia Beer Bar

  1. The Porter Beer Bar
  2. Brick Store Pub
  3. Taco Mac (No location specified)
  4. Trappeze Pub – Athens
  5. Argosy / Hop City / The Nest Kennesaw (Tie)

Honorable Mention: World of Beer, across all locations, received enough votes to land in 4th place.  However, several people mentioned specific locations and when breaking it down by location they were bumped from the Top 5.  Still worth recognition as overall they are definitely a popular destination.

Best Georgia bottle shop | Hop City
Looking for the best bottle shop in Georgia?  Our listeners chose Hop City as their #1 destination.  Check them out in West Midtown or inside Krog Street Market. (Photo: Courtesy Hop City)

Best Georgia Bottle Shop

  1. Hop City (No location specified)
  2. Ale Yeah!
  3. Sprayberry Bottle Shop
  4. Green’s (No location specified)
  5. Five Points Bottle Shop – Athens

Best Georgia Craft Beer Radio Show That Broadcasts Every Saturday at 1:00 PM on Atlanta’s AM 920 The Answer and is Also Available Streaming and On-Demand

  1. Totally Beer Guys Radio
  2. Beer Guys Radio
  3. Beer Guys Radio

We are honored and humbled to take all of the top 3 spots in this category and we’ll do our best to earn the win next year as well. 🙂


Beer Guys Radio
After news of our win for Best Craft Beer Radio Show, Team Beer Guys went out for a bit of a celebration.

Looking ahead to 2017

There’s no sign of things slowing down in the New Year for Georgia’s craft beer community.  Many new breweries and brewpubs are in the works now.  Georgia’s brewers remain hopeful for some positive change to the beer laws, even if the past has shown it’s very much an uphill battle.

Cheers to 2016 and all that it brought us!  Here’s to great things in the year ahead.