Mitch Steele and partners to build brewpub on Atlanta’s Beltline

When Mitch Steele made his departure from Stone Brewing Co. in June the plans for his Atlanta brewpub were already brewing.  Steele, along with partners Carey Falcone (AB InBev) and Bob Powers (AB InBev / Constellation Brands) recently signed a lease on a space located at 820 Ralph McGill Avenue on the Atlanta Beltline.  They plan to open at that location in 2017.

Falcone and Powers both currently show executive positions with American Beerworks, but there is little information available on the new company.  Per their LinkedIn profiles American Beerworks provides capital via shareholders that are, “focused on creating world-class craft breweries and brewpubs that enable the American Beerworks family to produce local beers that inspire our customers.”

“I’ve enjoyed a wonderful career in craft brewing and I’m excited for this next chapter in Atlanta,” said Steele.  “I had an amazing time at Stone and I am very thankful for my experiences there.  Now, I am looking forward to the opportunity to become part of the growing craft beer movement in Atlanta and the Southeast.”

Details are limited right now, but Steele has said the location will feature a rooftop bar and beer garden, brewery tours, and brewing classes for the homebrewer.

A non-Georgian selecting Atlanta for a brewpub is a pretty big deal

This is the first time a major industry player from outside of the state has selected Georgia to set up a brewing operation.  As anyone in Georgia knows, our laws are not very friendly to craft brewers.  However, the brewpub laws have relaxed a bit recently, allowing growlers to go and limited distribution, making it a slightly more viable option.  Undoubtedly Atlanta wasn’t selected without a lot of careful thought.  It’s nice to see someone from outside of the area seeing potential in us, but you can’t help buy ask, “Why?”  Steele isn’t saying just yet, but we hope to find out soon.

Could this help open a door for others to come to Georgia?  Will our lawmakers see this potential business (jobs/tax revenue) we could earn with better laws?  All that remains to be seen, but any way you slice it this is great news for Georgia’s craft beer community.