Paradox Rivertown
Paradox Beer Co. and Rivertown Brewery add to the list of breweries available in Georgia.

More barrel-aged and sour brews hitting Georgia shelves and stores soon

Divide, Colorado’s Paradox Beer Co. is distributing now and Cincinnati’s Rivertown Brewery will hit Georgia by the end of July, adding to the influx of breweries coming to the Peach State recently.  Both breweries have selected R&R Beverage as their distribution partner.  Other brands in R&R Beverage’s portfolio include Southern Sky Brewing out of Kennesaw and Texas-based Cedar Creek, brewers of the popular Dankosaurus IPA.

Paradox Beer Co.

Founded in 2012, every beer that Paradox produces is barrel-aged and bottle conditioned.  Their initial Georgia launch should be hitting stores now and includes four offerings:

  • Honey, Gen Mai Gunpowder | Barrel-aged mixed fermentation Golden Ale with honey, Genmaicha green tea, and Gunpowder green tea
  • Skully No. 39 – Salty Lemons | Mixed fermentation sour Golden Ale with Meyer lemons, Sorachi Ace hops, and Himalayan pink salt
  • Skully No. 40 – Pineapple Upside-Down Sour | Mixed fermentation sour Golden Ale with Muscovado sugar and caramelized pineapple aged in Nicaraguan rum barrels
  • Tart Noire | Wine barrel-aged tart dark ale refermented on Pinot Noir grape must

Rivertown Brewery & Barrel House

Rivertown will send a nice mix of offerings in both draft and bottles to Georgia and should hit the market before the end of July.  Expect to see porters, stouts, IPAs, and sours.  Georgia will initially see five offerings:

  • Divergent | Berliner style Sour Ale
  • Insurrection | Imperial IPA
  • Nice Melons | Fruited Berliner style Sour Ale
  • Roebling | Vanilla espresso Imperial Porter
  • Soulless | Flanders style Sour Ale

Both of these breweries will be distributed in the Atlanta metro area initially, no info on expansion to other parts of the state just yet.  It’s great to see lots of awesome beer coming to Georgia recently and more on the way.  I do love to drink local, but I’m A-OK with having a great variety as well.  I don’t think I’ve tried anything from Paradox or Rivertown yet so I’ll be on the lookout.  Keep ’em coming.