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Asheville’s Burial Beer Co. partners with Liberator Distributing for Georgia rollout

On the heels of their recently completed expansion to a 20-barrel brewhouse, Burial Beer Co. announces Liberator Distributing as their distribution partner for Georgia.  Burial plans to begin sending their beer to Georgia between September and October of this year.  Expect to see brands such as the popular Skillet Donut Stout as well as Surf Wax IPA, Gang of Blades Double IPA, The Keeper’s Veil Honey Saison, Shadowclock Pilsner, Bolo Coconut Brown, and Scythe Rye IPA, “Both in cans as well as draft in quantities that are on par with brewery’s goal of growing in measures that maintain the quality of their product.”

More information via press release:

Asheville, NC, July 12th, 2016 — In early January 2016, Burial Beer Co. announced their plans for second brewery also located in Asheville, NC and plans for a new side project. The brewery, which opened in 2013 with a one-barrel system, quickly outgrew the home-brew size brewery into a ten-barrel operation. Now having just celebrated their third anniversary in June, the brewery will expand distribution outside their home state.

As Burial Beer Co. gears up to expand distribution, first, to the state of Georgia, they have announced their distribution partnership with Liberator Distributing. Both businesses are family owned endeavors whose ethoses are anchored in organic growth fostered by small beginnings.

“Their (Burial Beer Co.) thoughts regarding quality, innovation, social responsibility, and community make them the type of brewery we want to partner with,” states Jason Wiles, owner and founder of Liberator Distributing. “We started Liberator Distributing to provide a home for small, high quality, like-minded breweries that are looking to start small and grow organically with us. We are excited to be working with such an amazing group of people who clearly care about the why and the how as much as the what.”…

“Although we are an expanding brewery, we strive to maintain a production size that speaks to our craft, to our culture, and to the people who support us along the way,” explains Jess Reiser, one of three Owners of Burial Beer Co. “Beer drinkers in Georgia can expect a unique rotation of brands to on a regular basis in as many craft beer focused retailers and bottle shops as we are able to reach with the limited amount of beer we continue to produce.”…

“We have self distributed in the great state of North Carolina since day one. Doing so afforded us the opportunity to understand the intricacies of the craft beer community, form amazing relationships with the local retailers, and really get to know loyal beer drinkers and what they enjoy,” states Reiser. “Moving into a different state is very exciting for our growing business and partnering with a distributor who is passionate, like-minded and an extension of who Burial Beer Co. is both a brand and as people is something that is very important to us.”

About Burial Beer Co.

Burial Beer Georgia
Burial Beer Co.

Founded in June 2013, Beer Co. crafts German lagers, Belgian-inspired ales, and bold American styles with a dedication to creativity, tradition, modernization, and preservation. Residing in and revitalizing the South Slope District of Asheville, NC, the brewery began its life as a one-barrel system that grew to a ten-barrel In just over a year. Summer 2016 will bring a new wave of expansion and revitalization as Burial Beer Co. expands again to a to a second location, the “Forestry Camp,” a twenty-barrel production brewery, urban farm, locally purveyed restaurant and two-story tasting room in South Asheville. For more information visit www.burialbeer.com and follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/burialbeer