Burnt Hickory Kolb's Farm
Alex has these bottles on lock. Show up Saturday to get yours.

Burnt Hickory Kolb’s Farm set for June 11th release at the brewery

The day is almost here.  Burnt Hickory Brewery’s Kolb’s Farm, an Imperial Stout with coffee, honey, and oatmeal was last released in 2013.  This year’s release is limited to 600 bottles.  The beer has been ready for a while but brewery owner Scott Hedeen waited to release it until he could do it the way he wanted.  With recent adjustments to the brewery tour rules in Georgia he can now offer his beer up with variable tour pricing, allowing visitors to customize their tour experience.  In addition to the regular Kolb’s Farm there will also be a very limited number (100) of Burial Truce bottles available.  This Kolb’s Farm variant adds Ancho chiles and vanilla to the mix.  This is a non-ticketed event.  First come, first served.

Here are the details on the release:

  • 11:00 AM | Bottles only tour | No on-site consumption with this tour, to-go bottles only.  You may purchase a tour that includes up to 3 bottles, a total of 66 oz.  Kolb’s Farm is $20/bottle and Burial Truce is $22/bottle.
  • 1:00 PM | Three tour options available
    • Normal Tour | This gives you up to 36 oz of beer to drink on-site.  Kolb’s Farm and Burial Truce will be pouring as part of this tour.  $12.00/person
    • Kolb’s Variant Tour | Up to 6 variants of Kolb’s Farm available for sampling up to 36 oz.  This is a separate tour and includes only these variants.  Regular Kolb’s Farm is not pouring as part of this tour.  $15.00/person or $12.00 for BHB Army Members
    • Combo On-Site and Bottle Souvenir Tour | Gives you up to 36 oz of beer to sample on-site with up to 72 oz of beer to-go.  Kolb’s Farm and Burial Truce will be pouring as part of this tour, just not the other variants. Kolb’s Farm and Burial Truce are available to-go, based on availability.  Pricing will vary based on t0-go souvenirs selected.
Kolb's Farm and Burial Truce
Burnt Hickory Kolb’s Farm and Burial Truce bottles are ready to go.

Burnt Hickory Brewery Kolb’s Farm and Burial Truce Release Tour

When: Saturday, June 11th, 11:00 AM (bottles only) and 1:00 PM
Where: Burnt Hickory Brewery | Kennesaw, GA
Cost: Normal tour ($12), Variant Tour ($15, $12 for Army Members), To-go tours, varies with selection.  Kolb’s Farm is $20/bottle, Burial Truce is $22/bottle, other options available.

Normal Tour Tap List

  • Ezekiel’s Wheel (Zeke)
  • Big Shanty
  • Wendell Gee
  • The Didjits
  • Killboy Powerhead
  • Poppa Chewy
  • Electric Eliminators
  • Kolb’s Farm
  • Burial Truce
  • Cannon Fodder
  • Statesboro Blues
  • Judge Hot Fudge
  • Orpheus / BHB “Pellett Gun” collaboration
  • More to be announced

Kolb’s Farm Variant Tour Tap List

  • Kicked out of The Webelos | Butterfinger stout
  • Angry Samoans | Coconut chocolate cookie stout
  • Atomic Clock | Caramel and sea salt pretzel stout
  • Nod Scene | Chocolate cherry stout
  • Zodiac Lung | Butterscotch maple almond stout
  • Monster Magnet | Chocolate orange stout