With Urban Tree and Hopspot Beer Tours in the house, it was a full studio!

Tim and Aaron know beer. But ciders? They were a little bit out of their element. So the Beer Guys invited the owners of Atlanta’s newest (and only) cidery into the studios to talk about it.

Tim and Maria Resuta talked about getting into the cider business, including their education in England. They also talked about the benefits of working under the farmstead exemption, which includes the ability to sell their product on site (imagine that, brewers!) and also about winning some awards.

Truck and Tap‘s beers ciders of the week? Urban Tree’s Original, Classic and Barrel Aged ciders.

Also in the studio, the Beer Guys welcomed Hopspot Beer Tours founder Jason Jones. We talked about his inspiration to start a tour company, what makes his tours different, and how you can get a discount (hint: use beerguys10).

Plus, Jason brought beer! Notably, Modern Times as well a nice tart saison from Mikerphone called G-Funk Era. Which prompted Tim to break out his 90s hip hop playlist…

In the news….

Next week? We’re talking to Georgia’s biggest brewery – SweetWater! Head Brewer Nick Nock joins us in studio, just in time for their summer releases. Also, we’ve got a special guest from Hollywood talking about his beer collaboration! Stay tuned for details….

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