Naughty Soda opening soon in Marietta

Naughty Soda LogoNaughty Soda has been a long time coming.  Owners David Sheets and Larry Greenstein hatched the idea over four years ago, while they were operating Blind Murphy Craft Beer Market in Alpharetta.  Their shop was also a homebrew store and they would invite others to come brew with them, and to share the beer that was created.  Recently I spoke with David about what he’s got coming up, and where in the world they hatched the idea for Naughty Soda.

An idea is born

As Fall approached one year David said it was, “Time to make a pumpkin beer, but I didn’t want to.”  He and Larry had the idea to do a pumpkin pie soda and they say the end result was amazing.  Being a homebrewer David wasn’t content with having just a pumpkin soda, so he threw in some yeast and let it ferment.  Visitors to their next party were thrilled with the results, David says the whole batch lasted less than 15 minutes, and Naughty Soda was born.

Due to legal limitations in Georgia they had to sell the craft beer shop.  The three-tier system here splits manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers into separate sectors and they would not be allowed to operate as both a retailer and manufacturer.  Originally located in a small industrial space in Woodstock, their non-alcoholic versions of their Naughty Sodas gained praise as well as national attention, appearing in the June 2014 issue of Food Network magazine.  After some time in their small Woodstock location they realized they would need more space and relocated to Marietta.  At the new location they have their production facility as well as a tasting room, with plans to open to the public by the end of March of this year.

Naughty Soda Tap Wall
Naughty Soda will offer 20 taps in their tasting room when they open next month in Marietta

“We’re not a root beer company, we’re an all-natural hard soda company.” – David Sheets

Naughty Soda Tasting Room
Naughty Soda’s tasting room will offer a comfortable space to enjoy their hard sodas and beer

“We’re not a root beer company, we’re an all-natural hard soda company.”, says David, he wants people to know they aren’t just about hard root beer – an item that’s very trendy right now.  You may have seen some of their non-alcoholic sodas available around the state, including their Honey and Hops series with unique offerings such as Black Currant soda with Willamette hops.  I asked David if they would have the non-alcoholic sodas as well and was told now that they are licensed, “Everything will have alcohol.”  I like the way you roll, David.  Other soda offerings will include Toasted Marshmallow, Hard Root Beer, Apple Pie, Jamaican Ginger, and Strawberry Lemonade.   It won’t stop there and they plan to get very creative, including offering barrel-aged versions of their hard sodas.  Madness.

They’ve got the beer side covered, too

They admit that hard soda isn’t for everyone so they will also offer very limited selections of beer from their Ironmonger Beer company in the taproom, as well as offering limited local distribution.  Expect to see Torch the Village IPA, Fierce Porter, and a Strawberry Merlot Blonde on tap along with other unique styles.  They also plan to offer hard soda frozen margaritas as an option for their tour samples, something you’re not likely to see in any other brewery.  Initial distribution will be in Georgia but they already have agreements with distributors in nine other states and  plan to be in 23 states by the end of the year.

Expect to see their sodas on draft around town soon with bottles following soon after that.  If you like a good hard root beer or ginger beer (or frozen margarita… or beer) then plan to check them out soon.  I wonder if they’ll have those little umbrellas for their drinks?  Man I hope so, I love those things.

Naughty Soda / Ironmonger Beer
2129 Northwest Parkway SE – Suite 105
Marietta, GA  30067
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Naughty Soda bottles
Expect to see offerings on draft initially, with bottles to follow soon after